The products that REDPUR manufactures have revolutionized the concept of infrared heating. There are a wide variety of products that will suffice the need and choice of customers, and this is why the REDPUR brand is so much appreciated today. While one reason behind the popularity is the cost effectiveness and the cutting edge technology that these products come up with, the other reason is obviously the range of variety available. This proves that these products are equipped to meet the requirements and needs of the customers irrespective of the type of room or apartment they are installed.

The REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels can be installed on the wall and can as well be attached to the ceiling, due to the automatic mounting option the products come up with, and the REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels have a 72 month product warranty!!


Following is the list of REDPUR infrared heaters you can opt from:

  • REDPUR Classic BIO
  • REDPUR Exclusive Glass
  • REDPUR Reflex Mirror
  • REDPUR Light
  • REDPUR Mega Heater
  • REDPUR Saturn Heater
  • REDPUR Cover Plate

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