What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared or Radiant Heating is actually an electromagnetic radiation that comes up with wavelengths longer than the visible light but shorter than the microwaves. Unlike the conventional way of heating, infrared heating does not warm up the air. Instead, it works directly by warming solid objects – walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, humans, only when these objects come in contact with the waves. In a room or space that is heated by infrared, people can absorb the heat along with the building fabrics and other objects of the room, so that the room itself becomes warmer with time, just like what happens in passive solar heating where the building fabric absorbs the heat that generates from the sun, only to re-radiate it back.

How do REDPUR Infrared Heat Panels Work?

REDPUR Infrared Heat Panels actually imitates the way in which sun heats up the environment on earth. These panels actually cause the molecules to oscillate and thereby release energy. It is this energy which in turn helps the environment to be heated by heating up solid objects. This is the effect which makes us feel warm. This is the most effective way of heating and experts are of the opinion that no other heating method can deliver such clean, instant and Eco-friendly ‘green’ heat in such a cost-effective way. In fact, this particular type of heating is 70% cheaper than the conventional central heating mechanism.

Advantages of  Redpur Infrared Heat Panels

Here are some of the amazing advantages of REDPUR Infrared Heat Panels.

Safe: Core temperature of these REDPUR Infrared Heat Panels never gets too high like what happens in case of a conventional heater. This means even if pets and children come in contact with the surface of this type of a heater, there is no chance of getting burnt. These panels are 100 % safe for domestic use.


No Maintenance Cost:

Instant, Silent, Comfortable and Gentle Heating: REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels can generate optimal temperature within 15 minutes of being switched on. The heating system is fully customizable that makes the users feel maximum comfort irrespective of the climatic condition prevailing outdoor. Also, these REDPUR Heating Panels make no noise while operating, thus making them perfect to be used in studies and bedrooms, offices, churches and libraries and other places where silence is needed.
They are Eco-friendly and energy efficient: These REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels do not result in any carbon combustion, and hence do not generate any toxic by-products. The REDPUR Infrared heating system can save up to 70% energy, resulting in 70% less CO2 output, while the panel sizes available are from 170 Watt to 1500 Watt output. There are no open flames, no question of any fuel leaks. They do not pollute the air and are absolutely Eco-friendly. They can be operated by 220 volt/50 Herz -13 amp electricity, which is substantially low and this makes them extremely energy efficient, and Eco-friendly to have a control over your energy bills.

The REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels are available in white powder coated steel surface, though other toughened glass panels are also available. The 20 mm panels are prudently installed on the wall or ceiling with a click system. The REDPUR Infrared Heating Panels can easily be removed at the time of home renovation and can be reinstalled without any trouble whatsoever, making the heaters extremely handy.


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