1) Are these Infrared heaters safe for children or pets?

Ans: Absolutely. As there are no sharp edges and as the heaters come up with a state of the art technology does not heat the surface of the heater, it is more than 100 percent safe for children and pets. There is no question of any burn or any other type of accident.


2) How long are these heaters expected to last?

Ans: These heaters are so designed that they require minimum power to operate. As such, they consume minimum power and have a very high level of energy efficiency. While on one hand the temperature of your room can be controlled with the use of an effective thermostat, our heaters come up with technology that will ensure that the devices do not suffer much depreciation while in use, thereby increasing their life expectancy by many folds.


3) Are these devices eco-friendly?

Ans: 100 percent! These heaters come up with such a technology that they generate no toxic materials or elements, carbon-rich gases or any other types of wastes that can be harmful to you and the ecology. As such these devices are absolutely ‘green’ and are ‘eco-friendly’. Moreover, as these devices operate silently, there is no noise pollution as well!


4) What are infrared rays?

Ans: Infrared ray or light is a typical electromagnetic radiation consisting of wavelengths that are longer than those present in the visible light. The ray is used in a wide range of industrial, medical, scientific and even military and surveillance applications. Night vision devices are equipped with infrared technology that allows people to have a vigil even in the absence of light.


5) What is the difference between the other products and our infra red heaters?

Ans: The heaters that we design and develop come up with cutting edge heating as well as environmental technologies that will ensure the best quality, optimal effect and a comprehensive compliance of environmental standards as well as efficiency that will guarantee customer satisfaction. Also, the fact that our products are cost effective makes them highly popular among our customers.The advantages of our Redpur Infrared Heating Panels, being convex, give a better radiation alignment and optimised heat emission, and the In-Photonic Technic generating millions of negative ions, which will improve the Environment to a maximum Health and wellbeing Area, which no other heating system provides!!!


6) How can these heaters be installed and used?

Ans: The heaters are available in ‘classic’ and ‘exclusive’ series. While the classic products can be mounted on the wall as well as on the ceiling, the exclusive ones can only be mounted on walls. However, you need to keep in mind that it is best to consult a trained professional while installing these heaters.


7) What is meant by the term infrared A, B and C?

Ans: Infrared Radiation basically exists in three separate sub-areas. Long wave IR –C wave is generated by a wide range of modern electronic devices that include the infrared heaters. Besides, you will find IR-A and IR-B which need special emitting devices. The radiation that is given during radiotherapy is primarily IR-A type.


8) How the temperatures of these IR heaters can be controlled?

Ans: While the room temperature can be set and controlled with the help of a thermostat, preferably an automatic one, these heaters are so designed to automatically start operating if and when the room temperature drops below a certain pre-determined level. Again, as and when the temperature reaches a preset higher value, the device automatically stops working.


9) What are the advantages of using these heaters?

Ans: These heaters, unlike the conventional heaters, heat human body, furniture and other solid objects, but not the air inside the room. Hence, these devices do not cause any loss of energy, thereby reducing the energy consumption to a significant level and this helps you keep your power bill under control.


10) How often will the experts’ advice be available?

Ans: The experts will always be just a phone call away. Hence, whenever you are in need of the experts’ advice or help just call our helpline or visit our website to leave your query, and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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